Loving Our Community . . . Transforming Lives . . . Serving Christ



The fact that God has placed us all together in this ministry, at this time, in this community is all part of God’s design.  Unity is something that Jesus prayed for when He thought about future believers.  Therefore we make unity a high priority in our ministry as we approach the days ahead.  We believe that our TOGETHER-ness is best represented by our multi-ethnic worship atmosphere.  Our desire is to build a congregation who reflects the rich diversity of heaven, where every tribe, nation and language will gather around the throne to worship God forever.  We call it “on earth as it is in heaven” worship.


We Are Loving Our Community . . .

God is calling us outside of the walls of our church, and into our community.  Throughout our community there is a continual sense of need that calls out to us.  We are responding to God’s call that He laid on my heart years ago, “If you will love this community, I’ll bless your church.”  Loving our community will open doors, it will open hearts, and it will cause Christ Wesleyan to play a key role in shaping the spiritual climate within our community.  We believe that this community needs a strong church, so why not us.

We See Lives Transformed . . .

Transformation is what God wants to do in the heart of every person on the face of this earth today.  There is not a person you will lock eyes with today that God does not deeply love and desire to make something very special from his or her life.  Believe it or not, that includes the person you locked eyes with this morning in the mirror.  As a church we hunger for the stories from people who can say, “I once was lost and alone . . . I once was bound in sin . . . I once was burdened with a judgmental spirit . . . Hatred and racism once kept me from loving others . . . I once believed there was no God at all.  But now everything has changed.  Through Christ I am now being transformed into the person God wants me to be.”


We Serve Christ

Jesus Christ is the central message that makes all of this possible.  In reality there is no real transformation unless it is motivated by a deep desire to be more like Jesus Christ.  It is all because of the price He paid for our sins, and the victory over a life of guilt that He proclaimed.  We want everyone, our community and our world, to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and the Lord of their lives.